The procedure for converting speech to text


Speech to text software is a real time saver software which will recognize your voice and turn it into the text for different devices and applications, different types of voice dictation software have been designed and introduced. For MAC book, Apple, Microsoft, Google different dictator apps are introduced and running successfully satisfying the millions of users.

Google speech to text apps is most commonly used the app for the Google Chrome users. You will get this absolutely free of cost with the Google Chrome browser. You have to input your voice turning the microphone on which option is placed beside the command bar. Identifying your voice the software will transform into the text and will show you the relevant results. It is a simple example of Google speech transformer. You will get many other options which are available online, to make your writing experience easy and smooth. Before opting out for any services, you need to find out the actual need of it. If you are not a regular user and using not for any specific purpose, you can get the non-paid speech to text software. If you want to use it frequently for professional use, you can get the paid software which will allow you to use it as much as you want.

How to proceed

You can use this type of software very easily. Adopting the dictation or voice transforming software require little knowledge and effort. Anyone can easily adopt it over time. Here are some tips on how to start using the voice to text apps.

Practice more initially:

As it is a machine and transform your voice into the text, you need to talk more to the device initially to make the software recognize your voice. The more you will talk using the software, the more quickly it will adopt the voice of yours.

Speak slowly and clearly:

When you input the voice into any device using the apps, you have to speak slowly and clearly so that the software can understand each word you are saying and make the output of it accurately.

Give proper dictation:

If the software fails to recognize and identify any of the words, you should pronounce it correctly with the spelling. You can also dictate with the software with the right spelling. In this way, it will store every frequent word of you are using in its memory, and you will not face any trouble after some days of using it.

Proofread accurately:

After getting the final output as text, you need to spend some time on proofreading the text. It is a software and taking input from voice, so it can't be error free, and some time you need to fix the error to use it more accurately.
So, these are the ways you have to follow to convert your voice into the text format.